In 1956, a group of visionaries from our denomination recognized a need to reach, train and equip the next generation for Christ and purchased Victory Valley believing that this camp would be perfectly suited to accomplish that mission.  Two years later, after constructing just two cabins and a large multipurpose building, these visionaries stood at a crossroad.  In order for the camp to accomplish the Lord’s Mission to reach the next generation, a pool was required.  But its cost was equal to the original purchase price of the entire camp!

In faith, they built the pool in 1962, enabling tens of thousands of students’ lives to be eternally changed through a relationship with Jesus.  Maybe even yours. 

Nearly 60 years later, we stand at those same crossroads. In order for the Lord’s Mission to continue here, a new pool is required.  The current pool has reached its finish line, as the retaining wall that holds up the deep end is failing and cannot be repaired without significant, potentially irrevocable, structural damage to the pool shell.  The mechanicals are also failing.  In the last two years alone we have spent thousands of dollars to repair numerous components, only to have them repeatedly fail.  It is only by God’s grace and goodness, we were able to keep the pool open for this summer.  If we are to have camp, the pool must be replaced by next summer.  Its cost is estimated at $450,000, due by early March 2023. 

The Victory Valley Board, in conjunction with the BFC Executive Board, recognizing the need for a new pool, have approved this project to proceed, trusting in the Lord to provide the necessary funds through His people.  We can’t run camp without a pool, and we can’t build a new pool without your help.

It’s time for us to lead the way.

I ask that you prayerfully consider how much the Lord would have you invest in this next generation.  This past summer alone, God used Victory Valley to reach over 900 campers with the Gospel and called at least 28 of them into His eternal family.  None of this would have been possible without the pool.

Thank you for your consideration and generous support.
May we continue to faithfully invest in the Lord’s Mission here,
and may He continue to reach, train, and equip the next generation for His glory!